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 The Popcorn Guy Concession Sales, Supplies and Rentals Ltd. sell new machines to many groups of people. Schools, community centers, church groups, companies and individual families purchase for many different reasons. We are proud to sell machines manufactured by Paragon International. All equipment is commercial grade and you will not be disappointed. Delivery time is roughly 7 - 14 days and generally arrives via UPS or Fedex.
Paragon Equipment comes with a 3 Year Warranty, with the exception of the 4oz Machine which has a Lifetime Home Use Warranty on it. 

If purchasing is not in the budget then please look at our Rentals and see just how good our prices are!!!

 Popcorn Machine Rentals Start at $59.99 +tax
Cotton Candy Machine Rentals Start at $60.00 + tax
Snow Cone Machine Rentals Start at $60.00 + tax
Carts for Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machines $30.00 + tax

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1911 Popcorn Group
The Popcorn Guy is  an authorized dealer for Paragon Professional Concession Equipment. We are also pleased to offer Cotton Candy & Snow Cone Equipment.

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Paragon International as showcased on the television show Welcome Home. Filmed on-location at IAAPA in Las Vegas.